Realistic $7000/month Online Secret Strategy 102 : Chat GPT + Youtube + Murf.AI

I’m back with another solid online strategy to help you make money while you sleep, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

The good news is that there is no cap on online earnings; the typical amount that YouTube creators make by employing this strategy is somewhere around $7,000 a month. I have recently seen an increase in faceless Youtube videos, and this is the best time to get started with Youtube, if you have any similar idea.

Meanwhile thank you so much for the over whelming response on my article Online strategy 101.

The best part is that you do not need to put in a lot of effort; instead, you just need to work smart. The work can be completed in an adequate amount of time in a range of 10–15 hours per week, on average. I have personally come across a great number of NEW YouTube channels making use of this method, and their monthly earnings range anywhere from $7,000 to $50,000.

Here are my three mind-blowing tools — Youtube, ChatGPT & Murf.AI

Keep in mind that the RIGHT tool combination is the most important part of any strategy. Good and quick tools can speed up your work and provide more than 100x results.

Let’s go over the tools and how to use them quickly. There are three easy steps:

Research , Script & Video Launch
And we will be using —

  • YouTube: For Researching topics, Keywords & Hashtags — FREEE!!!!
  • Chat GPT — For Script Making — FREE!!!!
  • Murf.AI —For Video Making—FREE!!!!

I did some research on my end and here is my list of highest paying niches on Youtube with their CPMs

Niche — CPM

  • Make Money Online — $13.52
  • Digital Marketing — $12.52
  • Personal Finance and Investments — $12
  • Educational Content — $9.89
  • Cars Channels — $4.32
  • Tech and Gadgets — $2.39
  • Lifestyle — $3.47
  • Fashion and Try On Hauls — $3.13
  • Cooking — $2.50
  • Fitness and Bodybuilding — $1.60
  • Video Games — $1.40

Courtesy :

Now that we have a list of the highest paying CPMs, we can choose a niche of our interest. This can be done more easily. On the top of your Dashboard on Youtube Homepage, you will see a list of niches; these are your Youtube Recommended categories, based on what you have searched in the past.

For example, here is how my YouTube recommended category looks like. It consists of News, Music, Stocks, Gaming, Wealth, Mixes, Gardens, AI, Sales, Cooking Shows, Thoughts, Houses. (Looks like a mix of everything!)

Research about niches/topics and choose a Niche. For example — Let’s say I chose Make Money Online, which is also my favorite niche.

Step 1- Go to

We have to conduct research to find the most recent information and news pertaining to this specialised field. For example — The most recent developments in the realm of “Making Money Online” could involve the launch of a new tool, new affiliate programmes, free tools, and various other tactics.

This is only to make you think about how you should approach the subject.

Step 2 — Write the niche in the search bar “ MAKE MONEY ONLINE”

You will see a lot of recommended videos, but we are not going through all the ones on the first page, instead, there is a different way to search.

Step 3 — You will see a drop-down menu like this, make a list of all the keywords in a separate file.


Step 4 — You will see a list of recommended videos.

Here comes the SECRET METHOD THAT I USE. I have seen most people completely ignore the basics.

Go to the top left. and open filters. A search filter is a powerful way of collecting keywords, information, and news.

Step 5 — Open filters

  • Simple choose this month or this week
  • on Duration tab choose 4–20 minutes

Why — Because over 95% percent of videos that are longer than 20 minutes are typically descriptive in nature, typically elaborating on how certain instruments function. The ideal length for an informative video is anything between 8 and 14 minutes.

Type — Video

Apply this filter, and you will see videos that are both high-quality and relevant. Each of these videos will include material that is not only pertinent but also current.

The sole goal of applying a filter is to collect information about newly developed tools.

For instance, if you plan to make a video on how to make money through affiliate marketing, it might have very low chances of getting views. However, if you choose to make a video on how to make money through affiliate marketing using X tool, where X tool is new and not many people know about it, but are searching for it, chances of getting views will be higher.

Step 6 —Take inspiration

Let’s assume we open the first video in the list, in my case it is from the Youtube channel — Mr. Reis. and the title of the video is “The Best $900 Per Day Passive Income Side Hustle Of 2023 | Make Money Online”

Watch the video, take inspiration, or I usually check the description part of the video where, the YouTuber has mentioned the affiliate link.

Step 7 — Collect Tags, in the description box, you will see the tags included. Make a list of tags.

Step 8 — Write down your topics

Watch 4 -5 videos and make a list of Titles that you want to make videos about.

Let’s assume that in my case it is “ How to make money via Etsy using Printful

Now the Research Part is completed.

Script making — CHAT GPT

Chat GPT is a great tool and absolutely FREE OF COST

Go to —

Scroll down and click on Try Chat GPT. You will be redirected to

Simply Signup and you are good to go.

Write your prompt –

Here is the result of my prompt — You can see ChatGPT can do all the home work for you. In my case, it is showing me SHOT + VOICEOVER.

This script is ready in 2 minutes !!!!!


Today I am going to tell you about one of the most powerful tools I came across in 2022. is an AI-enabled text-to-speech tool that allows users to generate “human-like” voiceovers for videos and presentations. Doesn’t sound real right!

All you have to do is that prepare text script for your Youtube video and Murf AI will change it to a voice speech. It generates realistic voice and according to the tool, “Murf offers a selection of 100% natural sounding AI voices in 20 languages to make professional voice over for your videos and presentations.”

There is no need to have a separate budget for a voice-over artist or a mike. Not only this, you can also save a LOT OF TIME & ENERGY.

I have seen a lot of people laying emphasis on specific keywords on their videos. Well, Murf.AI comes with all the benefits, you can make the voice over the way want. You can also –

  • Emphasize the words
  • Take control of your narration with pitch
  • Elevate your story with pauses.

It will be just like any other video on Youtube. Murf currently offers a selection of voices across 20 languages.

What is my personal opinion about Murf.AI ?

As I previously stated, Murf AI is one of the most powerful, time-saving tools I’ve recently discovered. A typical YouTube video requires 20–30 hours of work. It’s a long process, from research to video editing. Also, as I’ve seen, not everyone is comfortable with uploading face videos, and in this case Murf makes your work easy & 10X faster.

My personal favourite feature is VOICE CLONING. Via voice cloning feature, one can generate an AI voice clone that mimics real human emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, etc. You can make modification anytime during the script.

Price — Murf.AI is a total winner when it comes to pricing. You can begin for FREE!!!!!

Other than that if you opt for a Basic plan it is around $19 per month with unlimited downloads. The most popular plan is PRO which is around $26 month with more benefits.

At this price point the value of the product is incomparable! It’s cheap if we compare the kind of revenues one can generate from Youtube videos.

So, if you are uploading High Quality content video for high paying niches and let’s assume that from one video, you are generating $400( this is a very small figure) and you produce 5 videos in a week and 20 videos in a month. The maths is simple –

400×20 = $8000

Of course, it can take upto 2,3 months, but if your channel or any video goes viral, the revenue will be much higher. Also, Youtube videos have a RECURRING REVENUE CONCEPT which means that once the video is published it will give you a certain amount of revenue for lifetime( or till the time you delete it).

Youtube has no revenue restrictions. You will also have a plethora of COMPLIMENTARY REVENUE STREAMS. Affiliate links and brand sponsorship could be two of the main streams.

My entire goal in presenting Murf AI to you is to show you the endless possibilities that this tool can provide.
Also, rather than simply pondering the article, take action.

ACTION> Everything.

“Please note that this is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but if you make a purchase through this link, I may earn a commission that will help me reach my goals. Thank you for your support!)

The above shared strategy can help you make a nice passive income. I would urge you to make the most of these three tools.

I will keep posting about some really kickass profitable strategies in the upcoming days. Till that time do Share and Subscribe if you find this article valuable 🙂

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