6 Simple Strategies on How To Make Money on YouTube in 2023


Welcome to the world of YouTube, where you can turn your passion into a lucrative career! With over 2 billion monthly active users and an audience that spans across the globe, it’s no wonder that YouTubing has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. But with so much competition out there, how do you stand out from the crowd and start earning those big bucks? In this blog post, we’ll be sharing six simple strategies on how to make money on YouTube in 2023. From optimizing your content to building a loyal fan base, we’ve got everything you need to know to kickstart your journey towards YouTube success! So grab some popcorn and get ready for some serious inspiration – let’s dive in!

Join the YouTube Partner Program

In order to make money on YouTube, you must first join the YouTube Partner Program. Joining the YouTube Partner Program is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Once you are a member of the program, you will be able to monetize your videos and earn revenue from advertisements.

In order to join the YouTube Partner Program, you must have a Google AdSense account. You can sign up for a free AdSense account here. Once you have created your account, you will need to link it to your YouTube channel. To do this, simply go to your channel settings and click on “ monetization.” From there, you will be able to select “Enable” next to Google AdSense.

Once you have joined the YouTube Partner Program and linked your AdSense account to your channel, you will be able to start monetizing your videos. You can do this by enabling ads on your videos or by creating sponsored content. For more information on how to monetize your videos, check out this helpful guide from Google.

Sell products or merchandise

There are a few ways that you can make money on YouTube through selling products or merchandise. The first way is to sell products that you have created yourself. This could be anything from arts and crafts to digital products. If you have a product that you think would appeal to your audience, you can create a video showcasing it and then link to where they can purchase it.

The second way to make money on YouTube by selling products is to become an affiliate for other companies. This means that you promote their products in your videos and then include a link for viewers to click on if they want to buy the product. You will earn a commission on any sales that you generate this way.

Finally, another option for making money on YouTube is to sell merchandise directly through your channel. You can set up a store using something like Shopify or WooCommerce and then list and sell items there. This is a great option if you have a large following as it allows them to easily purchase items from you without having to leave YouTube.

Crowdfund your next creative project

Assuming you have a YouTube channel with a decent following, one way to make money is to crowdfund your next creative project. This could be anything from making a new album to filming a music video. There are a few platforms you can use to run your campaign, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Before you launch your campaign, it’s important to set a realistic goal and create engaging content that will inspire people to donate. You should also promote your campaign heavily on social media and other channels to reach as many potential donors as possible.

With a successful campaign, you’ll be able to raise the funds you need to bring your creative project to life. And who knows, maybe your project will even go viral and earn you even more money down the line!

License your content to the media

There are a few different ways that you can make money from your YouTube content. One way is to license your content to the media. This means that you give someone else the rights to use your content in their own projects. For example, if you have a video that is really popular, you could license it to a TV show or movie.

Work with brands as an influencer

As a YouTuber, you have the opportunity to work with some amazing brands. And, if you’re lucky, you can get paid to do it!

There are a few different ways that you can work with brands as an influencer. The first is through product placement. This is where you feature a certain product in your video, and then talk about it.

This can be a great way to make some extra money, because you’re essentially getting paid to advertise the product. Just make sure that you’re only featuring products that you actually like and would recommend to your viewers!

Another way to work with brands is by becoming an affiliate. This means that you promote a brand’s products on your channel, and if someone buys something through your link, you earn a commission.

This is a great way to make money if you have a sizable audience who trusts your recommendations. And, it’s also a great way to get free stuff! Just make sure that you’re clear about what products you’re promoting, and why you’re recommending them.

Finally, you can also work with brands by becoming a sponsored YouTuber. This means that a brand pays you to make videos about their product or service.

Sponsored videos are usually pretty straightforward – the brand will give you specific instructions on what they want you to include in the video. But, as long as you stick to the guidelines, this can be an easy way to make some extra money.

So, if you’re looking to work with brands as an influencer, there are a few different options available to you! Just remember to be honest with your audience and only promote products that you actually like.

Become an affiliate marketer

As a YouTuber, you can make money through affiliate marketing, which is when you promote other people’s products in your videos and receive a commission on sales.

To become an affiliate marketer, you first need to find products that you love and feel comfortable promoting. Once you’ve found a few good products, you can start creating helpful videos that showcase the product and explain its features. Make sure to include a call to action at the end of each video so that viewers can easily purchase the product.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on YouTube because it doesn’t require any additional work on your part once the videos are created. And, if done correctly, viewers will be more likely to purchase the product after watching your informative video.


Making money on YouTube in 2023 doesn’t have to be hard. With the right strategies, it can become a reality and help you achieve your financial goals. We hope that our 6 simple strategies have given you some ideas of how to make money on YouTube and allowed you to start planning for the future. Are there any other methods we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments below!

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