Yahoo Web Hosting Review

As a internet marketer, you may not strange with the big guy – Yahoo!, but you may not know that they also provide web hosting services.

Yahoo Small Business start to provide shared hosting services since 2002, after a 10 years fast grown, Yahoo Small Business provides a wide range of services include domain name registration, web hosting, image hosting (Flickr) and merchant solutions (E-commerce Solutions).

Yahoo Web Hosting Features Review:

Yahoo provides 3 shared hosting plans for all customers – the Basic hosting, the Advanced and the Premier Hosting.

Yahoo Basic hosting is pricing at $4.99/mo $1.5/mo which is good for personal website that with pure html language/scripts. Basic hosting with a 100GB Space, 1,000 GB bandwidth and 250 emails.

Yahoo Advanced Hosting is pricing at 7.99/mo $2.4/mo and designed for small to medium-sized business website or personal blog/forum with a 5 times space and bandwidth compared with Basic Hosting.

Yahoo Premier Hosting comes with an Unlimited Space and bandwidth, you can use it for your business or E-commerce websites. The Premier Hosting is pricing at $11.99/mo $3.6/mo.

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Yahoo Small Business Hosting Promo Review:

yahoo hosting promo

Yahoo small business web hosting is always on promo with the specific promo link we are given, however, the discount ratio and the terms are different.

Basically speaking, Yahoo promote their web hosting for 25% to 50% off for first 3 month, however, for later 2013, Yahoo first time promote their hosting for a 70% off for an entire year (70% off for 12 months). So, for all the web hosting seekers or yahoo fans this is a food news, promotions like this is rare and may be end at anytime, catch it before it too later.
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With the promotional link above, you can be saved a 25% off on yahoo hosting for an entire year (exactly 12 months), so that the Basic hosting for as low as $1.5/mo, the Advanced Hosting for $2.4/mo and the Premier Hosting for $3.6/mo.

Yahoo Web Hosting Pros and Cons Review:

Yahoo is a big guy in the internet marketing, so website that hosted on Yahoo web hosting may easily get a good ranking by Yahoo FREE SEO services, tools and search engine. I will not list the pros one by one, here I just pass on an information is that Yahoo Hosting is the One you can trust with.

Yahoo Web Hosting can addon 1 domain only and this is the biggest disadvantage in my opinion. Other factors are all excellent.

BTW, for online businessers, Yahoo merchant solutions is a good choice for your business/E-commerce websites. Yahoo merchant solutions also on promo for 25% first year without coupon code required, just click the promo link below to apply.
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yahoo merchant solutions

Yahoo Web Hosting is a company that worth a try, if you are not satisfied with any of the features, iPage and midphase are also sensible choice, just check them out.

Enjoy the Yahoo Web Hosting Promos and Hopes the Review can Help!

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