VPS.NET Review


VPS.NET is a part of Uk2 Group which same as the 100tb.com, westhost, anhosting and midphase. However, VPS.NET is the ONLY PROFESSIONAL Cloud VPS Platforom of the powerful web hosting union.

VPS.NET is an Affordable VPS Provider which pricing just $18/mo with excellent and unique features.


VPS.NET VPS Hosting Pros and Advantages Review:

VPS.NET VPS Hosting are designed as vps cloud server, it has 2 advantages that other VPS Host providers can not compared with: 1 is their new concept of VPS: Nodes; Another is they have 14 server locations that you can choose from.

1st, not like many other vps hosting companies to provides several plans, vps.net separated the server to many small pieces (they called as Nodes) that you can easily to config it to the best size for your business, you won’t waste money and they won’t waste resources.

2nd, VPS.NET’s 14 server locations are open for all customers, you can easily choose the very one for your business based on your designated customers. The 14 locations include:

USA Servers:
San Jose, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA

Canada Servers:
Montreal, CA

Europe Servers:
Manchester, UK
London, UK
Paris, FR
Amsterdam, NL
Frankfurt, DE

Asia Servers:
Singapore, Singapore
Tokyo, Japan

VPS.NET Promo and Coupon Review:


Frankly speaking, VPS.NET officially provides none coupon codes for customers, but that’s not mean we can not help you to save. As an AFF partner of VPS.NET, they have created UNIQUE coupon code for me that we can be used to help our customers to save.

With the coupon code we are given, you can save a 25% instant off on first month cost, no matter how much the amount is. Just click the button below to save.

[drpcoupon name=”vpsnet 40″ exclude=”name,expiration,description,rss”]

Although 25% discount is a good offer, we have to apologize to all our customers because the discount applied for ONLY the first month, we can not struggle for a lifetime discount code.

Based on our experience and research, all the VPS.NET Coupons are working only for the first month, and the 40% discount is the maximum one. We’ll try our best to negotiate with the official for better offer and coupon in the future.

Click to Copy the Coupon and Start to save now at VPS.NET.

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