VPS.NET Large RAM & Storage Cloud Server

As we have referred in the VPS.NET Coupon & VPS.NET Review post, it’s a part of the world’s #2 web hosting corporate UK2 Group, and sister brand of midPhase, WestHost, 100TB, etc, and one of the top 5 vps hosting too.

On Feb 2014, VPS.NET is announcing that they are planning to go large with cloud servers for specific customers who need more server resources such as RAM, Storage, etc.

  • 1. Large RAM Cloud Server – Provides massive RAM for hodting customers. The size of VPS.NET’s new RAM servers starts from 2GB to 16GB, which hits the nail on the head for customers who need to deal with large databases or do some heavy number crunching.
  • 2. Large Storage Cloud Server – Provides king-size disc space for hosting users. The disc servers, meanwhile, come in off-the-peg sizes that range from 115 GB discs to 1TB discs.

“We have created these products because there is an increasing demand from customers for customized resources,” said Rus Foster, the director of cloud at VPS.NET. “There is a growing need for offsite hosting catering to certain deployment.”

Both new products are scalable and came with instant set up (means it takes less than two minutes to deploy), so they can grow with a customer’s business. Plus, they come with a choice of operating systems, including Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, or cPanel.

“Both of these products have been created as part of VPS.NET’s commitment to listen to customer’s demands and requirements,” said Foster.

News from http://www.thehostingnews.com/

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