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SellerActive was live on CJ.COM since Feb 2014, it provides e-commerce business with the management, development, and fulfillment tools necessary to compete across multiple sales channels.

Try SellerActive e-Commerce Tools FREE:

With SellerActive Inventory Management, online sellers can implement a custom pricing strategy that responds immediately and dynamically to changes in the market. With SellerActive Order Management, businesses can automate their processing and shipping methods, consolidating all incoming orders to a single interface and instantly finding and printing the cheapest live shipping rates.

SellerActive LogoSellerActive also offers easy-to-use tools for building custom online storefronts. Mobile Commerce helps businesses create great-looking and fast-loading versions of their websites, optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices. Social Commerce adds a customizable store app to a business’s Facebook page, encouraging customer engagement and product discoverability.

SellerActive strives to be intuitive enough for new businesses, powerful enough for long-established online sellers, and affordable enough for both. Sign up for a trial account today, risk-free for 30 days.

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