Transferring to a Hosted Desktop Environment

Hosted Desktops

It might seem like a complicated and disruptive process to switch from an IT infrastructure composed of “real” desktop PCs to a Lunarpages Hosted Desktop solution, but it’s not. For one, users don’t need training to use their Hosted Desktops because they work just like your locally-installed Windows operating system. Secondly, migrating to Lunarpages Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from an existing IT infrastructure is simple. A dedicated team will take care of the entire migration process in a few easy steps:

  1. Determine what files and applications need to be moved from the existing IT infrastructure to the Hosted Desktop Environment. Most businesses will want to transfer all of their files and applications, but this isn’t true for all organizations. Some businesses may prefer to keep sensitive files and business-critical applications on-site to comply with data security regulations—even though our Hosted Desktops are as compliant as on-premise IT infrastructures.
  2. Customize the Hosted Desktop Environment. Customizable aspects of a VDI include the total number of unique, persistent desktops; the total number of simultaneous users allowed; and the amount of data storage permitted for each Hosted Desktop. Businesses can also add new applications to their VDI at this stage. The flexibility of Hosted Desktop environments allows these variables to be changed at any time during the deployment.
  3. Migrate. Configure. Access. After a business’s selections have been finalized, Lunarpages technicians transfer the desired files and applications to their servers, then build and deploy the Hosted Desktop environment. This final process is quick, easy, and non-disruptive.

Lunarpages makes transferring to a Hosted Desktop Environment as easy and advantageous as possible. They will migrate a business’s data and set up its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for a minimal fee. Lunarpages also guarantee that the migration won’t be disruptive to a business — the files and applications of its existing IT infrastructure will be accessible to its employees throughout the migration process. For more information on Lunarpages Hosted Desktops visit the official website or call 877-685-2772 to schedule a free demo.

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