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We have a page for introducing the top 10 shared hosting companies, however, for advance customers who need more server resources include space, traffic, CPU, RAM and more flexibility, we recommend the VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server, also known as VDS – Virtual Dedicated Server).

Generally speaking, a shared hosting is good enough for a less than 5,000 daily unique visitors website (not too much pics), it will become hard to load if the daily UVs increase to 8,000 or more even for an article site, you must upgrade to a second level – VPS instead.

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When comes to the VPS Hosting, you may find it hard to choose even you are shared hosting guru, why? Because there are too many VPS Hosting ‘companies’ and products on the market, too many to choose. And, traps numerous. Not like the shared hosting, we all know the super star hostgator, midphase, ipage, etc, VPS Hosting is complicated. Based on an investigation, over 90 percent vps hosting websites are personal owned and, maybe gone bankrupt at anytime so that put your data in danger (you know, the data is the most important factor for internet marketing). We encourage you to choose the VPS Hosting under formal corporate operation even you may will be need to pay a little bucks more.

Below we investigated and selected the TOP 5 famous corporate operated VPS Hosting for our customers, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

medal1 linode $10.0 Linux 6Datacenters,SSD – Coupon:Linode10 1GB
medal2 digitalocean logo
Linux SSD & Low Price 512MB
medal2 vultr $5.00 Linux/ISO Full SSD & 14 Datacenters 768MB
4 interserver-logo $6.00 Windows & Linux 1G/25G/1T=$6 1GB
5 serverpronto logo $7.95 Linux Dell Cloud Platform servers & Scalable 512MB

What Should a Top VPS Hosting Include?

First, a top vps hosting must be run by a corporation, not individual ones. A personal owned VPS usually can not guarantee the stability & reasonability, it may put your site in a dangerous situation. All the 5 vps above are operating by formal comapnies with a 99.9% uptime & moneyback guarantee, so, when you choose one of them it means you choose the security & stability.

Second, a top vps hosting should be scalable & upgradable. You know, with the continuous growth of your business, you should need more server resources, a top vps hosting must be easy to upgrade with yout demand. For example, RAM can be simply scalabed from 1GB to 96GB, dedicated CPU from 1 to 20 Cores, disk space from 24GB to 1920GB and transfer from 2TB to 20TB. This setting can be met 99% webmaster’s requiments.

Third, a top vps hosting should be flexible enough & easy to deploy. All the vps above that we recommended can be simply deployed in 5 minutes. For instance,, you can flexible choose your datacenter from their 14 locations include US(8), EU(4, DE,UK,FR,NL), Australia(1) and Japan(1).

Fourth, The pricing should be affordable. All the 5 we are recommended above lower than $10/mo, that’s mean even as cheap as the shared hosting plans.

There are many other factors should be considered when choose your VPS provider, such as the value of money, the server OS, etc. Please leave a comment below with your questions, our expert will give you their professional proposal.

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