The Benefits of Hosted Desktops in 2014

Hosted Desktops

2014 is rapidly approaching, and it’s more beneficial than it’s ever been to sign up for Lunarpages Hosted Desktops. Their Hosted Desktops perform better and are more secure, cost-efficient, accessible, and reliable than a traditional onsite IT infrastructure. Below are some of the reasons 2014 is the right time to switch to Lunarpages Hosted Desktops.

Hosted Desktops

  • The mobility trend. An increasing number of businesses provide employees with company-issued mobile devices or allow workers to use their personal mobile devices for work. Lunarpages Hosted Desktops can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Globalization. Lunarpages Hosted Desktops enable businesses to hire employees or establish offices in other countries without also having to make any on-the-ground investments in IT hardware or IT personnel.
  • Wilder weather. Onsite IT infrastructures are much more vulnerable to severe natural disasters than a Lunarpages Hosted Desktop solution. Our Hosted Desktops are housed on servers located with three datacenters which have raised flooring and climate-control systems; are located in areas (Southern California and inland Virginia) where the possibility of a severe natural disaster occurring is low; and are geographically-separated to prevent our clients from suffering outages or losing data as a result of a natural disaster.
  • Permanent temps. With Lunarpages Hosted Desktops, businesses can provide their temporary workers with fully-functional desktops without having to purchase or maintain any physical PCs. Businesses also avoid having to make any long-term investments in IT hardware or personnel when they sign up for our Virtual Hosted Desktops.

For more information on Lunarpages Hosted Desktops visit their website or call 877-685-2772 to schedule a free demo.

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