Sugarhosts Accept Credit Card in 6 Currencies

SugarHosts CC

Sugarhosts was started to accept credit card payment since Nov 2013, after that, it was announced in Dec 2013 that started to accpet bitcoins. Today, Feb 18th, 2014, Sugarhosts is just announcing to accpet credit card payment in 3 more Currencies – AUD, TWD and CNY.

SugarHosts CCSince Sugarhosts accepted direct credit/debit card payments in USD, EUR or GBP from November 2013, it has been 3 months.
Now invoices in AUD, TWD and CNY can also be paid via card directly. Any kind of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and pre-paid cards with VISA, MasterCard or American Express logos are supported.

This is a big progress of Sugarhosts for it not only provides more conveniences, but also can be saved some currency exchange fees.

Check it now –

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