SiteGround New Features

Last month SiteGround added a few hot new features that are quite popular among their customers.

SiteApps Integration

SiteGround integrated SiteApps in the cPanel to help customers save money from development work and add features to their sites as easily as installing apps on their phones. Help your save money from building a website with powerful functionality by signing up with SiteGround.

CrazyEgg Free Trial

SiteGround offers 90-day free trial of CrazyEgg, the most popular heatmap tool and it has become a very popular feature among customers. SiteGround is you best partner because it not only care for your websites’ uptime, but also for your business success!

Git Integration & Version Control

SiteGround integrated Git and version control and saw a surge in the number of accounts bought by developers for their clients! Bring your traffic on board and get your affiliate commissions from SiteGround.

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