SiteGround Hosting 60% OFF Promo


sitegroundSiteGround is a popular web hosting company which focused on the shared and vps hosting market. Their Hosting was especially optimized for general scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

– Siteground WordPress: Up to 60% OFF carefully crafted WordPress Hosting with unique security, amazing speed, and dedicated support for superior performance – plans start at $3.95/mo at SiteGround.

– Siteground Joomla Hosting crafted with care, delivered by people who love Joomla.

– Siteground Drupal Hosting carefully crafted for superior performance at SiteGround.

– Siteground Magento Hosting carefully crafted for superior performance at SiteGround.

SiteGround is providing web hosting services to all over the world with datacenters in US, Euro and Asia, the extream low $3.95 pricing makes it outstanding in the web hosting industry.

About SiteGround:

SiteGround has been offering reliable hosting solutions for more than 8 years and now serving more than 250,000 domains and counting.

Providing top quality hosting services is just one of SiteGround competitive advantages and it helps them achieve extremely high customer acquisition and retention rates.

SiteGround is fans of the transparent collaborative approach and that’s why created the triple win affiliate program – profitable, transparent, flexible, and reliable so that you win, the affiliates win and SiteGround win too!

Below are just a few of SiteGround highlights:
– Exceptional creative materials
– No gimmicks and reversals for unknown reasons
– Dedicated support and personal hosting manager
– Straightforward 2 step signup process to simplify the registering process
– Distinguished great quality service at affordable prices

Enjoy the SiteGround Hosting 60% OFF Promo.

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