SingleHop Server Review


SingleHop was listed on TOP Dedicated Server Provider is without dispute, and their 2008 to 2011 7,305% year-over-year growth can be proved how popular they are.
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SingleHop Dedicated Server Plans and Prices Review:

SingleHop officially provides 19 Un-managed server plans and 8 managed servers. Their Un-managed server is pricing from $80+ ONLY with 250GB HDD and 2GB RAM, all their servers provides a 10 TB Monthly bandwidth. Singlehop managed server is pricing from $149/mo with 250 GB HDD and 2 GB RAM, this is a really low price for a world class managed hosting server.

SingleHop Dynamic Server Review:

SingleHop Dynamic Servers are a unique product. They enable customers to essentially build a private cloud but on their own, dedicated hardware. There are very few companies that can offer this technology, and SingleHop was one of the first and continues to offer some of the most advanced Dynamic Cloud Server technology in the marketplace.

Singlehop History and Awards Review:

SingleHop has been started since 2006, it’s not an old guy in the web hosting area, however, they were fast been ranked #25 on the Inc. 500 2011 based on their excellent servers and customer services.

Singlehop has been got many awards since 2008, such as “2008 Best Windows Dedicated Server Provider”, “Best Managed Dedicated Server Provider”, “Most Reliable Hosting Provider”, “Best Quality of Service”, “2011 Top 25 Most Popular Companies”, “2012 Top 25 Most Popular Companies” and much much more, you can find theme here: SingleHop Awards & Recognition

SingleHop Promo and Coupon Review:

SingleHop Promotion 1 – 3 FREE Upgrades

[drpcoupon name=”singlehop free triple” exclude=”name,expiration,description,rss”] is now running a very special promo that allows all their customers to receive 3 great upgrades for free if they buy from the promo link below!

The 3 free upgrades include:

  • Maximum Memory (to whatever the limit of the server is)
  • Double Bandwidth (up to 30 TB)
  • upgrade to port speed from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps (that is over 10 times faster!)

SingleHop Promotion 2 – Upto 50% OFF Selected Servers

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By using the promotional link below, you will be leading to the singlehop coupon and promotional page that contains many coupons and offers that you can use.

This coupons can be helped you to save a 35% to 50% on any dedicated server that you purchase, limited time offer, hurry UP!

Based on our introduce and review, you many know about SingleHop Preliminary, You can click here for all available SingleHop Coupon Codes.

Once again, if you are looking for Top Dedicated Server to Host with, give singlehop a try and we promise you won’t got disappointed. By the way, 100TB and Codero are also our highly recommended dedicated server providers.

Catch the Singlehop Dedicated Server Specials.


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