SingleHop Coupon Code 2014

singlehop is one of the biggest dedicated server and managed hosting companies launched on 2006, we have been posted about the singlehop coupon code before, indeed. And here, we are going to share the singlehop’s best coupons 2014 and spreading the discounts for entire year.

With a 7 years fast grown (3 year-over-year growth from 2008 to 2011 is 7,304%), SingleHop now has more than 150,000 satisfied customers from over 130+ countries and place on the #25 of 2011 Top Inc. 500.

What is a SingleHop Coupon Code?

A singlehop coupon code is a special ticket that can be exchanged for a special discount when purchase a dedicated server, manage hosting or vps/cloud hosting at The discount may be for pricing off or features enhancing. Whatever, you got the specials with the singlehop coupon code.

SingleHop Coupon Code 1: Free 3x Bandwidth (30TB) Plus 10x speed (1 GB Port)

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SingleHop Coupon Code 2: Free 2x Bandwidth (20TB) Plus FREE Monitoring

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SingleHop Coupon Code 3: 40% OFF Initial Payment

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SingleHop Coupon Code 4: Free Raid Card

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SingleHop Coupon Code 5: SingleHop Weekly & Monthly Deals

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How about the SingleHop Server Performance?

As we have referred in the singlehop review page, singlehop placed on #58 in 2012 and #25 in 2011 top Inc 500, and get a 100% uptime that verified by netcraft, and 3 years no complaints verified by

Let’s have a look at what’s its customers saying:

– Review by Josh on Nov 22nd, 2013

I’ve been hosted with managed hosting for over 2 years now and I can responsibly say that I am very satisfied with its services and everyone can be used simply. Although there are bad reviews about singlehop said it was poor in quality, so think twice before you listen to some of them. I personally recommend singlehop as your server.

– Review by Jimbo on Sept 21st, 2013

Singlehop dedicated server is great and also their the customer services. I was hosting with them for the last 2 years or so with no major problems. I honest recommend singlehop for ppl that are still looking for a dedicated server to start their online business.

Singlehop dedicated server plans:

1. Un-Managed Server/Hosting

Server HDD RAM B/W Order
Xeon Nehalem E5645 1TB 12GB 15TB $389
Xeon Nehalem E5620 1TB 12GB 15TB $339
Xeon Nehalem E5520 1TB 12GB 15TB $329
Xeon Nehalem E5504 1TB 8GB 10TB $279
Core-i7 870 500GB 16GB 10TB $269
Xeon Harpertown L5410 1TB 8GB 10TB $249
Core2Quad Q9650 750GB 8GB 10TB $229
Intel i5 760 500GB 8GB 100Mbps $219
Xeon Core2Quad X3330 500GB 8GB 10TB $219
Xeon Lynnfield X3430 500GB 8GB 10TB $209
Intel i3 540 500GB 4GB 100Mbps $199
Core-i5 760 500GB 8GB 10TB $199
Core2Quad Q9550 500GB 6GB 10TB $189
Core-i3 540 500GB 4GB 10TB $179
Xeon E3-1230 500GB 8GB 10TB $175
Xeon Core2Duo E3110 500GB 4GB 10TB $159
Core2Duo E8400 250GB 4GB 10TB $149
Core2Duo E7400 500GB 4GB 10TB $139
ATOM 330 250GB 2GB 10TB $99

2. Managed Server/Hosting Plans

Server HDD RAM B/W Order
Core2Quad Q9550 500GB 6GB 10TB $264
Core-i5 760 500GB 8GB 10TB $259
Core-i3 540 500GB 4GB 10TB $239
Xeon E3-1230 500GB 8GB 10TB $235
Core2Duo E8400 250GB 4GB 10TB $219
Core2Duo E7400 250GB 4GB 10TB $189
ATOM 330 250GB 2GB 10TB $149

More SingleHop Customer Review:

– Review by R.L. Roberts on Aug 14th, 2013

I’d like to say that SingleHop has provided me with an excellent service for over 2 years. I have began with singlehop’s mini dedicated server package and have upgraded 4 times – I currently have an ‘enterprise’ level solution and I couldn’t be happier. The Single Hop tech support staff is available 24/7, and I have had nothing but first -rate service any time I’ve needed or requested their help.

Anymore SingleHop Coupon Code?

At now stages, both the 2 available single hop coupon codes was listed above, however, you still can visit via the “Special Link (expired)” on this page to get the latest updating and/or use the promo link below for a $200 cash back with any singlehop dedicated servers instantly.

Enjoy the SingleHop Coupon Code 2014 and, Enjoy the Savings.

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