SEO Strategies for Free Traffic

Traffic is a key element for a website and critical prerequisites for success for internet marketers, while the free traffic is better than the paid ones becuase it reduced your site running cost, so that enhanced the probabilities you can make profits from it. IMO, SEO is the best and sustainable way for free traffics attracting. Here we’ll shared our 6 years’ SEO Strategies.

1. Backlink Makes Ranking.


In order to get more impressions and traffics from Google and other search engines, you must leave no stone unturned to make your website rank as higher as possible (best No.1), however, your site ranking is depending on the Inbound Links. A high quality dofollow backlink will boost your place in SERPs, so the backlink building is an important component for SEO and free traffics.

However, you know, link-building a time consuming and hard work, it’s difficult to succeed without tools and costs. Here we recommend 3 highly acclaimed tools that can be helped you easily build backlinks.

A. Instant Backlink Magic – Push Button For Unlimited Pr Backlinks

B. Mass Traffic Domination

C. Traffic Travis Free SEO And PPC Software

2. Keywords for SEO

A keyword is very important for SEO. Generally speaking, most of the webmasters choose 3 to 5 keywords for their website then all the contents and articles focus on the theme. That’s correct. However, they ignored an very important element – Pages.

A website always contains many pages, even tens of thousands pages, you should choose a main keyword for every pages then all contents in this page are based on this keyword, in this way you site will not limited in the small circle, so that get more free traffics from search engines.

3. Website Building


In nowadays, to make a website made easy. You can easily choose a free script such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Here you must make sure every pages have their own title, descrption and keywords based on the SEO requirement, and do not duplicated.

4. Page Layout

When the SE bots crawl on a page, the fore contents will be first crawled and analyzed. And in SE’s view, this part is the most important for this page, so we recommend you put the main contents ahead, an h1 first then a paragraph of text followed. You should to make sure there are few paragraphs in order to insert more keywords.

You’s better to use the CSS tech to drag the header, navigation and sidebar (bad correlation, interference contents) to behind the main contents – Good for SEO.

 5. Original contents

The original articles and contents are critical for SEO, content is the KING! However, article writing is a time consuming work, it’s difficult to write a large number of high quality contants for a personal webmaster.  Pseudo-original is a shortcut. Use the rewrite tools to replace the sentences, words, etc to make the search engine firmly believe the contents are fresh and original.

The best tools in this field are MAR – Magic Article Rewriter, TBS – The Best Spinner, AMR – Article Marketing Robot, etc. We recommended you take Magic Article Rewriter or Article Marketing Robot a try because they both have a free article Submitting tool which can be easily submit your article to main ezines for SEO and more free traffics. Here we recommend 3 Article rewrite tools that can be easily used.

A. Content Professor – The World’s Easiest Web Based Article Spinner!

B. Magic Article Rewriter And Magic Article Submitter

C. ArticleMarketingRobot – The *ultimate* Article Marketing, Spinning, And Submission Tool

6. Keyword Distribute

To make sure all the titles and descriptions are containing your keyword, the earlier, the better. One situation should be avoided – Keyword Stuffing, so, just distribute your keyword reasonable.

7. Site-Group and Link-Wheel

Search engines eapecially google will consider your website backlinks’ stability as a factor of voting. So, the backlinks stay the longer, the better, for SEO. I have been pushed many keywords to the No.1 place in google with site group and link-wheel.

For instance, you want to boost your main website on the Google first page, then you build 5 websites based on the keyword “hosting” and make them as a wheel (A1 to B1, B1 to C1, C1 to D1, D1 to E1, E1 to A1), and all the 5 websites pointed to the Second-Level site F1. Build 5 wheels like this and you got 5 Second-Level website F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5, make them a wheel (F1 to F2, F2 to F3, F3 to F4, F4 to F5, F5 to F1) and all the 5 websites give a backlink to your First level site (main site)

In this way, you can boost any website onto the first page of google. There is also link wheel service provider such as LWS, check it here: The Link Wheel System – Super Hot!

8. Link Exchange

ONLY exchange links with topic related high quality websites based on SEO consideration, you also can buy backlinks if your website is too new to get attentions.

Above are the Top 8 SEO Strategies to get Free Traffics based on our 7 years website building experiences, if it helps, just shared it to your friends, Thanks!

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