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como-logoAs the mobile goes more and more popular, a mobile website or an APP is the must-have options for your business. Como is of course one of the best app makers, today, we’ll share several coupons for which will help you save a 25% to 30% based on different period (the 30% one will expire soon).

The first coupon – 25% off any como orders
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The second como coupon – 30% off any orders (expire soon)
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Why Your Will Love Como?

There are a lot of exciting changes happening at Como, and they’d be thrilled if you’d spread the word to your friends.

1. They’ve just upgraded all of the Como subscriptions
Out with the old app plans, and in with the new plans, which offer unlimited app installs, unlimited push notifications, over 25 amazing app features, a dedicated success team, and hassle-free app publication—all starting from $29/month.
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2. Every app is guaranteed to succeed
Como are sure their mobile apps can grow any business, they’re willing to bet on it with their new 6-Month Success Guarantee: You’ll see results from your app within the first 6 months or you’ll get an extra 6 months for free!

3. All apps are backed by como 30-day money-back guarantee
Como’s plans are risk-free. New members have up to 30 days to try out your app, and if you’re not satisfied, they’ll give you a full refund.

Read more about como new pricing plans, 6-month guarantee, and money-back guarantee here:

4. Como’s advanced analytics keep tabs on your app’s usage to see which features are most successful and which ones need some tweaking.

5. Increase app installs and boost brand awareness with their complete set of promotional and social sharing tools.

6. Instant app creation & Increased revenue.

Como grabs your online content and builds an app for all major mobile devices—all in a matter of seconds, then started to boost your sales with geo-targeted push notifications, exclusive offers, loyalty cards, and e-commerce.
Here is an video guide on how to get start with como:
 [youtube id=”D7_kexnFcE8″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]
Want to know more? Risk free try here:


If you have any questions or requests, we’re happy to help.

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