Pogoplug Valentine’s Day 35% OFF Sale


Happy Valentine’s Day! We love our users (seriously, we do), so to celebrate the day that’s all about appreciating the people you love, we are making a special Valentine’s Day offer to our users: unlimited cloud for just $39 for the entire year from Pogoplug. Click to save:


Pogoplug Promotional Offer

Protect your precious memories with Pogoplug and never lose a treasured photo of a loved one again. Upgrade today to save 35% off the first year of unlimited cloud, and enjoy all the great benefits of our service:

  • Unlimited storage for your computer, tablet and phone
  • Protect your computer and phone with automatic backups
  • Share photos and files with anyone
  • Stream your entire music library and video collection to your tablet and phone

Pro tip: Act now, this deal expires February 15th!

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