Pogoplug 35% OFF Promo – Limited Time


POGOPLUGPogoplug cloud is a file storage and share web services website, at Pogoplug, we love the freedom of our mobile and PC photos, videos and files are safely backed up and available from anywhere.

One of the biggest questions Pogoplug  get asked by the users is how they can easily back up all of their files from their mobile phones and computers. Pogoplug unlimited cloud is the perfect place to store everything, safely and privately. Never worry again about losing a precious photo or video or important file from your mobile phone or computer.

As a thank you for using Pogoplug, Pogoplug  are happy to offer you the unlimited cloud for just $39 for the first year. That’s a 35% discount off the normal monthly price.

Click here to go unlimited and never worry about running out of space again – https://pogoplug.com/promo/save35

— Team Pogoplug

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