midPhase 2013 New 40% OFF Coupon


midPhase has just released a new coupon when their website upgrades to a new look. This coupon is working on midphase 1 year hosting package only for a 40% discount.

The coupon is:

[drpcoupon name=”midphase40″ exclude=”name,expiration,description,rss”]

After the 50% off coupon gone expired on August 2013, now, the 40% off one is the best, if you would like to buy more than 12 months, another coupon which claimed a 30% off is best.

About midphase:

midPhase.com is a part of the UK2 Group and plays a very important role in the shared hosting area, and ranking #1 in the top 10 hosting 2013, know more about midphase hosting…

Enjoy the new midphase 40% off coupon and the new look of the sites.

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