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Many web hosting affiliates require you to refer many accounts before reaping maximum commissions. With Liquid Web, you’ll receive the same generous commission no matter how many new accounts you refer. Liquid Web affiliate program is very straight forward, and they pay affiliates based on the account type they refer.

Dedicated Servers Purchases
Monthly Recurring Commission of 5%

Liquid Web Online Purchase
100% Commission
$60 for Shared Servers
100% for Dedicated Cart Products

Storm Servers
$100 Commission

Liquid Web – Cloud Products
$100 Commission

More on the Dedicated Servers One-Time Commission
The One-Time Commission for Dedicated Servers is determined by the referred customer’s MRC, or “Monthly Recurring Cost.” So as an example, if you refer a customer who has a monthly bill of $500, Liquid Web will pay you $500 for the new customer, as well as a monthly commission of 5% (which in this case, would be $25/month).

After a year, that single referred sale will have paid you a total of $775 and will continue to pay the monthly recurring commission for the life of the account. As you refer additional accounts, your commission grows quickly and with 5% recurring commission on Dedicated Servers, it grows even quicker.

You can refer customers to Liquid Web in numerous ways, some of which include:
– Post your affiliate link on your blog
– Place a Liquid Web banner on your website
– Web Designers, refer your clients to Liquid Web and make commission
– Refer your business associates
– Place a “Powered by Liquid Web’ graphic on your website

For more information, please contact Liquid Web Affiliate Program Managers:

Contact: Melanie Purkis

Or visit site at:

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