LeaseWeb Details DNS Hijack Issue

Hosting provider LeaseWeb recently faced what any online presence could consider a complete nightmare scenario: A DNS hijack of its website.

The large web host, which is responsible for nearly 4% of global IP traffic, recently detailed how it dealt with the issue.

“Last weekend the website was unfortunately a direct target of cybercriminals itself. For a short period of time some visitors of were redirected to another, non-LeaseWeb IP address, after the DNS was changed at the registrar,” explained LeaseWeb Senior Regulatory Counsel Alex de Joode in a blog post.

After detecting the hijack, LeaseWeb investigated with initial findings showing that no other domains aside from were affected.

“No internal systems were compromised. One of the security measures we have in place is to store customer data separately from any publicly accessible servers; we have no indication that customer data was compromised as a result of this DNS hijack,” the company went on to say via its blog post.

Meanwhile, the company emphasized that e-mail messages sent to email addresses weren’t received during the DNS hijack’s brief period.

LeaseWeb also denied that that a reported WHMCS software vulnerability had to do with the hack. The web host is expected to continue its investigation and apologized for any customer inconvenience.

The company’s hosting services include things like dedicated, cloud, colocation, domain name registration and more.

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