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We have just been posted the latest ipage coupon 2014 and had been featured another review in Oct 2013, here we’ll share some lastest customer and editor’s reviews.
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iPage Pros and Advantages

Why we choose ipage and choose to promote them? Not only because of the features, but also for the value of money. iPage makes it affordable and easy to manage your website, here are a few reasons why iPage is right for you based on our experience.

At iPage.com, your website is green

iPage is a leader in Clean Energy Web Hosting industry which powered by wind-energy. iPage offset the carbon emissions of its data centers and offices by purchasing renewable energy credits, which are then used to generate wind energy. Their commitment provides you with a green website at ipage.com web hosting.

Your website will be reliable

We serve websites off a pool of servers, which means that the first and fastest machine available will be the one to serve your website, in this way it keeps your website runs smoothly on best features.

Your website rank higher

iPage haves partnerships with Google, VeriSign, ShopSite, Yahoo! and more so that you’ll receive great deals and free offerings from them.

You can do what YOU want at ipage.com

iPage builds and selects tools that give you an incredible flexibility which are robust enough for experts or the beginners. Which better, ipage offers a choice of site builder, shopping cart, blogging tools, photo galleries and more.

iPage tons of free bonus

The iPage control panel gives you access to tools for creating and boosting your website performance meanwhile you get free advertising credits on Google, Yahoo/Bing, FREE SEO tools, malware scanning and security applications, and much much more.

iPage makes it easy

iPage has a team of folks who think about nothing but the customer experience and user interfaces. And, ipage does load of user testing and surveys to identify and address its customers’ “pain points” to make sure you get a happy experience at ipage.com.

iPage excellent customer services

When you contact on ipage, you’ll almost always be in touch with one of their agents in less than 2 minutes, they are available 24×7 365 days a year.

Most important, iPage delivers quality at an affordable price

“You get what you pay for” is blabber in most times and doesn’t actually apply, however, it’s true at ipage.com, ipage is delivering extremely reliable service, a ton of tools, and a great user experience for as low as $1.99/mo which can be afforded by any customers.

iPage Customer Reviews

iPage is no objection an excellent web hosting company with superb features and great value of money, and that’s why over 90% off webmasters and editors would like to recommend it. In order to spread the best value hosting and share the discounts we are built a website dedicated on ipage.com talking.

Here we investigated, collected and listed the iPage.com hosting customer reviews from all over the world for your reference and make the last decision on web hosting selection.

Let’s have a look at how editors think about ipage (both pros and cons):

  • Extremely Cheap – from only $1.99/mo now
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • User Friendly And Extremely Smooth Ordering Process
  • Eco-Friendly Hosting
  • Lack Of Server Upgrade Option – ipage use a “one plan fit all” option so that there is no Upgrade required
  • Expensive Renewal Fees – pricing at $6.95/mo, so we recommend you buy as long as possible on initial purchase

– iPage Review by liz kukulka from hawaiivacationrent.com on 2013 – Excellent

I have been using iPage for 6 years and host 5 websites there, it is easy to use for the novice user and have advanced capabilities for the more advanced user. I have never experience any down times and get many compliments on my sites look and setup. I have used drag and drop for creating one website, wordpress for another.

When I have any questions ipage is easy to reach from the phone (US not foreign based help ). I have always been helped the first time around from very knowledgeable consultants. I love the ability to call and not have to wait then get a person who is patient and knows the products. Kudos to iPage, I have and will continue to highly recommend them!

– iPage review by 静水流深 from China on 2013 – Excellent

iPage主机太好的,他超大的空间,无限的流量,无限制的网站数量,让我着实省了一大笔。我只是购买了一个空间,就放了20多个landing page网站,每天12,000流量一点问题都没有,强烈推荐使用ipage。

– iPage review by のだ よしひこ from Japan on 2013 – Excellent


– iPage review by Fredrik on Dec 2013 – Poor

I’m sorry, but I feel I have to issue a warning, since this review gives iPage 5 stars. I tried iPage after reading good reviews and found it was absolutely terrible! The web server was extremely slow. In fact, each page took about 10 seconds or more to load. When I copied the whole site onto a different server, it loaded in less than a second. To add salt to injury, when I contacted customer service about this, they were the most rude and least helpful bunch I have ever come across.
I wouldn’t recommend iPage to my worst enemy.

– iPage Review by Eduardo Hilgert PEreira from camarimmovel.com on Sept 2013 – Good

It was so easy to start with!!! We are from Brazil, but Ipage get my confidence to share my busisness information with such a professional and well organized company.

– ipage review by Basil Ginas from bwginas.com on 2013 – Excellent

IPage’s highly trained support team was fantastic not only with their professional manner but also with their expedience in getting back to me with some questions I had setting up my hosting account. Instead of waiting days as with my last hosting company, I only waiting an hour or so and hey came back with a solution.
I would recommend IPage to anyone who needed hosting at a great price, stellar service and rock solid support.

Enjoy the ipage customer reviews and, more reviews will be added soon.

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Enjoy the ipage customer’s and editor’s review 2014.

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