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The Truth About iPage Discount and Coupon Code

iPage always on Promo, however, are you the lucky guy who got the maximum discount?

As we all know, ipage is providing “one plan fit all” web hosting that includes all features you need which is pricingĀ at $8.95/mo regularly. However, frankly speaking, as I know, ipage always has a promo and discount, and have never sold at the reg price – $8.95/mo. iPage regularly promote their web hosting at a 56% discount level that pricing at $3.5/mo, on this site, we will help you to get a more attractive and valuable offer that discounted 78% or 80% off ($1.89/mo or $1.99/mo) which depending on the ipage official latest available secret offer.
For Early 2014, the ipage secret discount offer is 80% OFF for first invoice (12 to 36 months, your choice) then 68% off for the rest parts at $2.95/mo, this is the best offer and maximum discount for ipage ever.
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You got the same thing with others but you pay less

ipage 199Although iPage alway has a discount, the coupon code is rare. Actually, there won’t be more than 4 coupons a year. Most of the ipage promos are the normal ones and can be got directly from ipage homepage, however, in most time, these one are not the best offer, in order to get the best deal you need to find and reveal the hidden link based secret promo such as the Halloween Promo & Thanks Promo.

The hidden offer may be based on a special URL which contains “secret-offer” in it, all the links with ‘secret’ on this site are links of this kind. You just need to click on them, and all the promotional informations were integrated into it. Just click and redeem the discount from ipage official site.

When it comes to the ipage discount hosting features, there are nothing special, just the same as the regular priced ones. iPage will neither reduce the web hosting space, bandwidth, MySQLs, Addon-domains nor decrease the customer services level what’s you got will be the same with the regular price ones even at a discount price level.

Our Site is the Latest iPage Coupon Code and Discount News Publishing Platform

First of all, adminclub.com is not a part of the ipage company, it’s an individual owned website that dedicated on ipage coupon code and promo news sharing and the discount spreading. We are try to provide the best ipage offers and max discounts for all of our customers and visitors, that’s all.

Second, as you can see on our site, we have been posted many articles about the ipage web hosting, both the promotional infos & reviews, and we also ranked it on the top 10 hosting list, not only because their low pricing, but also the values. We think ipage is one of the best value web hosting companies, and that’s why we always post many info about them.
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Ok, then, just enjoy the ipage discount and the special offer. Have a nice stay at adminclub.

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