How to Use Vultr VPS

vultr is one of the most popular SSD VPS Hosting companies, and based on its value of money, we have listed it as the top 5 vps hosting 2015 too. For those who are new to use a vps hosting, here I am writting a simple but applied tutorial, it’s also working on other vps hosts such as digital ocean, linode, etc.

1ST, Restration. It’s simple, one step only. Click to visit –

Fill your email address and the password you like to register, just as:

vultr start

2ND, Deploy your server. It’s also easy to do, read the screenshot below for instruction.

vultr deploy

3RD, You’ll seen your server just like below:
vultr management

and the details while clicked the “manage” link:
vultr overview

4TH, now, go to download a free SSH client such as Putty –

putty login
5TH, Use the user name:root and the root password (see the pic 4 above, looking for your personal root password) to connect with putty.

vultr puffy

6TH, Install a vps control pane. I personally recommend the vestacp, it’s free to use but with powerful functions.

It’s easy to install. Generally 2 simple lines of codes like below:

First enter code below to download (5-10 seconds cost):

curl -O

Then enter the code below to install (5-15 minutes):


The installation package is a All-in-One package that contains even all materials a linux vps hosting required to run.

vestacp install

While entered “y” to confirm and your email address (the hostname leave blank), the installation will be get started, it may cost 15 minutes as max, then finally you will receive the “Congratulations” message with your control panel URL, FTP username and password on it (these infos will be sent to your email too), like below:

vestacp complete

Now, you can login to yout control panel to manage your vps, inlcudes add/remove domains, add/remove databases, add/remove email address, etc.

OK, the following steps are the same as the shared hosting do, just enjoy your vultr vps hosting. Please do not hesitate to leave a message below if you have any questions here.

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