How to Install Packages with Webmin

Webmin is a complete free and open source hosting automation system for managing servers. It provides a graphical interface for most of the tasks you might need to perform as a system administrator. That includes the ability to install software.

On Linux servers, programs are stored in archives called packages. Many Linux distributions provide numerous pre-compiled binary packages that you can easily install with a few simple commands. To make matters even easier, Webmin lets you do it with a few clicks.

To install pacakges with Webmin, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Webmin
  2. Navigate to System -> Software Packages
  3. In the section labeled “Install a New Package”, select “Package from APT” (or whatever your package management system is called)
  4. Click search to find a specific package or type in the exact package name
  5. Click Install

At this point, it should run the command to install the software and give you output information indicating that the installation was completed successfully. It may also give you package details, including a description of what the package does. You can always search for packages and read their descriptions from the Software Packages page. Once you find the package you are looking for, you also have the option to uninstall it underneath the description.

Finally, the Software Packages module gives you the ability to upgrade your packages using the “Upgrade Now” button. This includes an option for “normal upgrade” or “distribution upgrade”. The first will only update current packages while the latter will install any new packages that complement the installed ones.

For more information about installing packages with Webmin, see the online documentation or click “Help” within Webmin.

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