How to Choose Products for Amazon Review Websites


You should know the first thing for Amazon Review website succeed is chose the winning products to promote, here we’ll show you how to choose the right Products for Amazon Review Websites to enhance the CTR and max your profits with a case study.

amazonWhy choose Amazon?

1. Amazon has very high visibility and their customers performed a strong dependence based on Amazon’s reliability;

2. Amazon self is a superb seller who always succeed sold many additional services/products to customers so that increase your order and commission amounts.

Let’s take a Camera for Example:

From the picture above you may seen that Amazon’s good at ‘Chain-Sale’ which always help you find the products that you may not willing to buy initially.

Amazon Product Choose Factor 1: Find a China-Sale Product (many additional or related products can be purchased)


We all know that not all products have a related product, choose the one which has many attached prodcuts to boost your Conversion rate. Furthermore, many related products are ‘must-have’, like the SD card for Camera.

Amazon Product Choose Factor 2: Choose a $100+ product to promote

In order to get more commissions, you should choose a $100+ products to promote at However, this also should be based on your website topics, such as a pet food site, most of the products are pricing at just $10+, in this situation you must consider how to take advantage of the Chain-Sale.

Amazon Product Choose Factor 3: Choose a products with customer reviews, the more the better (at least 5 reviews)


We should know the consumer’s mentality, most of us do not wish as a first buyer for a product. So, even the price is high, do not promote on it before it gets a good scores.

Amazon Product Choose Factor 4: Choose a products with adequate stock

A long-lasting adequate stock product always get more sales and commissions, it hard to imagine how awkward the situation is when a customer want to buy a product from your link however it’s stockout.



BTW, a product with many used on sale will definitely cut down your earnings.

Amazon Product Choose Factor 5: Choose a popular product to promote – 4 to 5 stars best, at least 3


A popular products means more sales and more ppl are willing to buy so that keep your commission increasing.

Popular products also can be found here:


If a product got more than 5 excellent reviews while has many sells, this kind of products are easy to promote.

Compare the 2 products below – we recommend you to promote the one like the first – more reviews with good ratings.


Amazon Product Choose Factor 6: Avoid Seasonal Products if Possible

You know the Seasonal products have a limted demand and hurt your profits as well. See the product – Snow shovel, although it meet all the 5 factors above, we wont choose to promote because of the seasonal feature.


Why should avoid the seasonal products?

Let’s take the snow shovel for example. Your website is running 365 days a year, however, the product maybe useful for only 1 Quarter, and when the next winter coming, new snow shovel been manufactured, so you should re-build your website again, that’s a time consuming work indeed although it may bring considerable profit in short term.

Based on the 6 factors above, I suppose you can find an excellent product to promote for your amazon review websites.

Useful Resources for Find Out Your Interest and Speciality:

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3.ebay’s Category

4. Wallmart Category


Enjoy the amazon case study.

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