DreamHost DreamPress Review


DreamHost has put DreamPress to beta since 6 months ago in Jun 2013, after half a year testing, we are appreciate to share our personal experience with all visitors in this review.


What is Dreampress?

DreamPress is a managed wordpress vps hosting services from dreamhost. Dreamhost itself describes Dreampress as:

DreamPress is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed WordPress service that comes pre-configured to stand up to higher traffic loads and serve up server-intensive themes and plugins.

This means it’s engineered for speed, advanced security, excellent reliability, and ease of use – all features that were created to make your lives easier!

How much the Dreampress cost?

As of now, if you purchase Dreampress you will get it for $19.95 per month per domain. Dreamhost states that it currently does not have support for subdomains or mapped domains.

It’ll cost you $24.95 to get setup although if you sign up soon you’ll get $5 bucks off for an introductory rate, that’s mean a $19.95/mo totally.

What is the benefit of DreamPress?

  • Unlimited Page Views – NOT to worry about the traffic increasing anymore
  • Separate MySQL and Web Servers, Picture it running on a specialized, optimized, virtual private server.
  • DreamPress comes pre-configured by dreamhost in-house WordPress experts for maximum security and performance under traffic load.
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Enterprise-Level Reliability & Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Built-in CDN & Built-In Caching Through Varnish
  • Website Hacking Protection
  • Managed VPS Web & MySQL servers
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Optimized WordPress configuration
  • Robot-assisted WordPress migration
  • Easy Control Panel interface
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • Ability to use any themes or plugins
  • Optional Backup to DreamObjects Cloud!


What other technical details not listed on the marketing site:

  • Automatically added Varnish as a caching layer
  • Host on isolated clusters of hardware so other sites won’t interfere with their stability or performance. All of them are hosted in our Virginia datacenter as of June 2013.
  • Unlike the standard VPS, root and sudo access are not allowed.
  • RAM will be auto-scaled, customers cannot modify the RAM allocation.

Who is Dreampress For?

Dreampress is a good choice for webmasters that have outgrown shared hosting but not ready to pay at a high cost for a dedicated server or other managed WordPress hosting.

As $19 isn’t a great “starter” solution, so we recommended it ONLY for the one who love the DreamHost service and have needed a bump in their speed and performance.


DreamPress Review Conclusion:

DreamPress is a new WordPress-specific Managed hosting services provide by dreamhost, it is good for customers who like dreamhost services but have higher require for site performance such as speed, stability, etc.

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