DigitalOcean New Datacenter in Singapore

digitalocean Singapore

DigitalOcean has been opened a new datacenter in Amsterdam on Dec 2013, this time, is Singapore. We have just received an email with the announcing of the DigitalOcean first Singapore datacenter’s opening of(SGP1)! So, we can expect that the users throughout Asia Pacific and nearby regions such as India and Australia will have greater connectivity and a better overall experience.

digitalocean Singapore

As their announcement, DigitalOcean will continue to invest heavily in their infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world. This is one of many exciting announcements to come within the first half of this year.

According to the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study published by Evans Data Corporation, Southeast Asia will be a leader in growth over the next few years. Singapore is a particularly well connected region, allowing new users to experience reduced latency time, and large existing customers to expand their presence for greater distribution. Working with Equinix to ensure the highest quality facility, users in the region can now capitalize on the advantages of cloud computing.

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