Burst.Net New CEO JW Ray


BurstNetBurst.net is a cheap VPS & dedicated server provider, you can now reach burst.net new ceo JW Ray via the email directly – jw@burst.net.

I wanted to reach out to you as the new CEO of BurstNET. We are working 24/7 on some exciting changes and I thought I would take a moment to share a few of them with you.

1) We have just appointed Art Faccone Vice President of Client Care. His only responsibility is to provide the best client service in the industry. In the upcoming weeks all BurstNET clients will be assigned a personal CSS (Client Satisfaction Specialist). We wish we could snap our fingers and wiggle our noses and get to where we want to be now. Truth is, we need a month or two to implement our proven strategies, processes and procedures. There will be significant improvements. We will be the best in our class.

2) We are in the process of completing our SSA 16 Audit which will assist us in reviewing and adjusting every process and procedure to keep all systems running smoothly.

3) We have set new client service response benchmarks that will significantly decrease the time it takes to resolve any technical issues that may arise. We are also standing up a client portal to post service issues, interruptions, uptime, and monthly statistics to provide our clients with self- help visibility on a minute-by-minutes basis.

4) The BurstNET team has rededicated itself to making clear and transparent communication with our clients the number 1 priority. Period.

I welcome you to contact me directly with any questions that you
may have.

Thank you for your business. We will constantly strive to earn your trust and confidence. Look for upcoming announcements on how we are working to help your business stay connected.


JW Ray
President and CEO
Dunmore, PA – February 17, 2014

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