A New Media Buying Strategy


media-buying-targetA New Easy Media Buying Strategy which use SiteScout.com to promote the Clickbank Products, here’s how it works.

First, Choose ONLY the Landing Page and Banner Readied Products from clickbank.com, this can be saved your time and energy on landing page or banner creating.

Second, Find out the products anyone else already promoted over 100 days from WhatRunsWhere.com.

Third, Find out the website traffic sources from Sitestream Page at Alexa.com.

Fourth, Add these traffic source sites to Google AdPlanner, and get the traffic source DEMO data such as the Gender, Age, Revenue, Education, etc.

Fifth, Upload the banners for the product you’d like to promote at SiteScout.com, and find out the Target which same as the DEMO Data above to bid. Repeated this process until there are at least 10 websites to promote this products.

Sixth, Set the AD to display from ONLY 08:00AM – 11:59PM for 0.10$ per CPM Max at SiteScout.com.

Seventh, Run it for 2 – 5 days and check out the ORDER FORM IMPRESSION from Clickbank Statistical data, if the Impression is less than 1%, give it up and find another product.

Eighth, if the Impression is over 1%, then start to Optimize the target visitor and increase the traffic, and if the Impressions over 12500 but CTR less than 0.1% at anytime, give it up and find another product.

In this way, you can quickly find out the best matched products, websites, periods and banners, and maximum your revenue with the media buying.

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