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100TB Dedicated Server Coupons 2014

Hello everyone, today, let me introduce you the 100tb.com coupons. 100TB.com Official has 3 coupon codes available now for 2014, one is for a stationary $25 OFF, and the rest 2 coupons are for stationary percentage off – 10% & 25% discount, we shared ONLY the 2 best.

Because the dedicated server is pricing from $201/mo at 100tb.com, so, the $25 off coupon ONLY better when you buy a cloud server which pricing below $100.

100TB 25% OFF Coupon – better for $100+ orders

[drpcoupon name=”100tb 25 percent off” exclude=”name,expiration,description,rss”]

100TB $25 OFF Coupon – better for $100- orders

[drpcoupon name=”100tb 25 dollar” exclude=”name,expiration,description,rss”]

100TB.com dedicated servers are pricing from $201/mo while with the coupon code you will be save a 25% off, based on our calculate, the $25 off coupon good for orders less than $100 especially the 100tb cloud servers while the 25% off promo code better for $100+ orders, such as the dedicated servers.

While you use the 100tb coupon, you 100tb.com order will be direct cut down to the discounted price:

1. The $25 OFF Coupon Excellent for the 100tb.com Cloud Server Products when billing amount less than $100

2. The 25% off coupon is better for the dedicated servers or $100+ orders

You see? You even do not to pay a penny if you buy the smallest cloud server plan at 100tb.com with the 100tb $25 off coupon we provided (the promo code working for all 100tb dedicated hosting and cloud server plans).

What is an 100TB Coupon?
As many web hosting companies did, 100tb also use the coupon code for promotion, so, generally speaking, an 100tb coupon means a ticket or a small code that can be exchanged a speical discount when you place an order at 100tb.com, the ratio is floating when you use different coupon codes.
Any better coupons for 100tb.com?
Although we published ONLY 2 Coupons, they are the best! We have worked on web hosting industry for over 7 years so 100% trust us have the ability to find out and share the best coupons and bring you with the best price and max discount.
When the Coupon will be Updated?
I have no idea about this, just depending on when the 100tb official launched the new promo or released a new coupon. But 1 thing I can promise is that the offer you get from this page will always be the best ones with top savings. We will immediately updated the coupons or prromos as soon as it become available.

100TB Promo Code Truth:

As you know, 100TB’s a part of the UK2 Group., same with its siter sites like WestHost.com, VPS.NET, midPhase.com, etc, their dedicated server and VPS hosting are promoting ONLY for the first month, all the coupons are working ONLY for the first month discounts either. So, do not expect save too much here, the $25 and 25% off ones are the best 100tb coupons.

How to Save More at 100TB.COM?

Take 100TB Ember Plan for an example:

  • 4 x 2.40GHz CPU
  • 2 x 500GB HDD
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port
  • 100TB monthly transfer
  • $201/mo

100TB has 2 kind of coupon code, one is for Fixed amount discount for $25 OFF and another is Floating discount for 25% OFF first month, so, you may find the secret – the 25% off coupon is better for all the dedicated server plans at 100tb.com, however, because of their cloud server pricing from just $18/mo, if you buy a cloud server less than $100/mo, the $25 coupon will be better.

How to use 100TB Promo Code?

First, choose the server type you’d like to buy – Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Server (means cloud VPS);

Second, selected the plan which you’d like to buy – there are 3 popular plans for 100tb dedicated hosting and the cloud server is customer designed, you can config it yourself.

Third, you’ll be found a blank for inserting the 100tb coupon code on the right sidebar after plan chose. Like the pictures listed above, just enter coupon here.

By the way, for customers who billing amount is more than $100, we recommended the 100tb 25% off coupon, for whos less than $100, just use the $25 coupon code.

Thanks for visiting 100tbpromo.com, and just believe me that we can always bring you with the best web hosting offers, deals, coupons and discounts. This site is going to update regularly at the beginning of every new promo or new coupon released by the official. Just keep an eye on our site.

Enjoy the 100TB Coupon Code and Promo News, read the 100tb review before make a decide.

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